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How to get the second home visa in bali

by admin on October 13, 2023
How to get the second home visa in bali

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Indonesia had several types of long-term visas for foreigners, including a retirement visa or “KITAS” (Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas). These visas allowed foreigners to live in Bali or other parts of Indonesia for extended periods. The requirements and regulations may have changed since then, so I recommend checking with the Indonesian immigration authorities or consulting with a legal expert in Indonesia for the most up-to-date information on obtaining a second home visa in Bali.

However, I can provide you with a general idea of the process that was in place as of my last update:

  1. Eligibility: To be eligible for a long-term visa in Bali, you typically needed to meet certain criteria, which may include age restrictions and financial requirements. Retirement visas, for example, often had an age requirement of 55 years or older.
  2. Sponsors: In most cases, you would need a sponsor or a local agent in Indonesia to assist with the visa application process. They would help facilitate the paperwork and liaise with the immigration authorities.
  3. Financial Requirements: You would need to demonstrate a steady source of income or a certain level of savings to prove that you can support yourself during your stay in Bali. The specific financial requirements may vary depending on the type of visa and your circumstances.
  4. Background Checks: You might be required to provide a clean criminal record and undergo medical checks.
  5. Application Process: The application process typically involved submitting the required documentation and completing any necessary forms. Your sponsor or agent would help with this process.
  6. Visa Approval: Once your application was approved, you would receive a long-term visa, which could be valid for several months or even years, depending on the specific visa category.
  7. Extensions: Many long-term visas could be extended or renewed, allowing you to stay in Bali for an extended period.

Please note that visa regulations can change over time, and it’s essential to consult with the Indonesian embassy or consulate in your home country or seek advice from immigration experts in Indonesia to get the most current information and guidance on obtaining a second home visa in Bali.


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